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All of our shanks are high carbon C-1080 steel.
We drill, not punch, all of our shanks and we torch, not shear, our shanks:
Both punching and shearing shanks can warp the shank. You can be assured that even the longest
of sweeps run level on our shanks
ORDERING INFORMATION: Shanks are available with or without footpieces,
straight, side offset 3" or 5", and rear offset 8".
When ordering 1 x 3 shanks, please specify hole centers and length.

1 x 3 Shanks are manufactured in two different hole
patterns: cast hole and fabricated hole pattern.
pattern shanks have 4" hole centers and
two 5/8" hole diameter, drilled
in center of shank
pattern shanks have 4-1/2" hole
centers with 5/8" upper hole diameter
and a 1/2" lower hole diameter, drilled to side of shank
3/4 x 2-1/2 Shanks and 5/8 x 2 shanks
have 3" hole centers,
two 1/2" hole diameter.
Pictures - Straight Shanks & Offset Shanks

 We will custom build to any lengths and hole pattern. Custom Orders

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