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LORENZO'S AG LINKS to farm equipment manufacturers by category

 This list of web sites is provided as a service. No endorsement of these sites is intended or implied. This is not a comprehensive list of farm equipment manufactures. If you know of a manufacturer with a website not listed, let me know.

Augers-Guidance Systems 

Augers & Conveyors Grain Handling Lawn Equipment Power & Hand Tools
Combines & Accessories Guidance Systems Livestock/Fencing Equipment Sprayers & Application
Cotton Production Harvesting Equipment Miscellaneous Tanks
Computer Software Hay Equipment Mowing / Shredding Tillage / Cultivating
Fertilizer Application Irrigation Peanut Equipment Tractors & Accessories
Forage Land Levelling Planting / Seeding Trailers / Transports 


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FARM EQUIPMENT: AUGERS & CONVEYORS - Return to category list

 Agri-Products, Inc

Anhydrous Ammonia Appl. Shanks & Blades, Anhydrous Ammonia Applicators, Augers, Belt Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Caddy, Catwalks, Clamps, Comb. Primary Tillage Equip, Combine Grain Tank Extensions, Conservation Tillage Tools, Conveying Equipment, Coulters, Crop Saving Guards, Deep Ripper Points & Shins, Deep Rippers, Deep Till, Feed Conveying & Handling Equip, Fertilizer Appli. Shanks & Blades, Gauge Wheels, Grain Chutes, Grain Gates, Grain Leg Towers, Grain Level Indicators, Knives - App. Anhydrous Ammonia, Material Handling Systems, Mulchers,
Sprayer Tanks, Sprayers - High Clearance, Subsoiler Points, Subsoiler Rippers, Tanks, Tillage Tools, Tool Bars & Accessories, Toplinks - 3 Point Hitch, U-bolts, Valves   

Attachment Technologies, Inc

Augers, Backhoe Buckets, Backhoes, Bale Forks, Bale Handlers, Handling Hay Spear, Brush Rakes & Rake Teeth, Buckets, Bull Dozers & Blades, Concrete Mixers, Diggers & Excavators, Earth Augers - Portable, Pallet Forks, Post Drivers, Rock Rakes, Skid Loader Attachments, Sweepers & Brooms, Trenchers - Tractor Mount
New! Audubon  Audubon, is a manufacturer of conveyor belts, which are
being used in the farming and agriculture industry
(particularly our flatwire).
 Auger Mfg Specialists Vertical Auger, Powder Filler Toolng, Horizonal Flighting, Feeder Applications 
 Batco Mfg Grain handling alternatives to conventional systems, focusing on gentle handling, high capacity and low maintenance
Buhler Industries Roller mills, grain cleaners, portable augers, snow blowers, harrows, drawbars, mowers, & compact implements 
Convey-All Industries Belt conveyors, tender systems, drill fills, & combine header
 Conveyors Inc Screw Conveyors, parts & assemblies
Danuser Augers, chipper/mulch systems, diggers and drills, drivers, our specialty parts, and Counter Coil.
Doyle Mfg Co Vertical auger blend systems, rotary blend systems, blend towers, flight star Paddle drag conveyors, bucket elevators, overhead conveyors, portable conveyors, bagging systems, tenders, truck mounted spreaders
E-Kay Enterprises Ltd Grain handling equipment 
Feterl Mfg Co Service Trucks, Cranes, Lube Trailers, Grain Augers, Hoppers, Cleaners 
Kasco   "Rocking Track" single auger system for grain drills
 Killbros Augers, grain carts, grain boxes, fram wagons, utiility transports, grain transports
Lockhart Industries Ltd Auger Accessories, Storage Bin Acessories, Seed Treatment Equipment, Speciality Tools,  
Lorenzo Mfg Co Inc Augers manufactured or repaired for cotton strippers, grain carts, combines, post hole diggers, swathers, peanut headers, Load King, Speed King, Cotton Gin, and others.
Mauer Mfg Folding auger 
 PEECON Feed mixers, truck mixers, mobile mixers, feeders, feed delivery boxes, vertical mixers, TMR mixer, TMR, Total Mixed Ration, multi-auger, round baler, mixfeeders, mixerfeeders, mixer feeders, stationary, feed wagons, slurry tanks, manure tanks, fertilizers, manure spreaders, agricultural machines, rotary tillers,
tipping wagons 
Rapat Corp Engineered solutions for conveying systems in industrial and ag industrial applications 
Sakundiak  Belt drive augers, bin unloading aguers, grain bins, mechanical swing augers, utility augers
Unverferth Cross auger, truck auger, box auger, drill fill, air fill, single fill auger
Warren & Baerg  Agricultural systems, based on the Model 200 Cuber, can process a variety of agricultural crops, most notably alfalfa. Our cubers have a eight ton per hour production rate for most agricultural products. The cubes produced are most often used as feed, which studies have shown to have more nutrients and are more digestible than loose hay. Baggers, Bale Twine, Bulk Bags, Caubers, Grinders, Bale Stackers, Container Loader, Conveyors, Cub Coller, Loading Hopper, Metal Detectors, Metering Binds, Bale Stacker

Westfield Industries 

Grain Augers, Belt Conveyors & Grain Auger Accessories
AI Products New Tractor & Combine Parts
 Accessory Sales, Inc The RW PreCleaner can prevent serious engine damage, plugged air filters and downtime
Agritec Ploughs, combines, harrows, trailers, dam scoops, patoto ridgers, grader blade, Big Ox, micro irrigation systems 
 Almaco Research Plot Combines, Electronic Data Collection Equipment, Seed Metering Systems, Planters, Threshers and Shellers, Combine Modifications and Service 
 Amadas Industries, Inc Peanut combine & irrigation systems 

 Bizon S.A

Largest manufacturer of combine-harvesters in Poland
Calmar Industries Irrigation Products, Flow Control Kit, Gran Cart Flow Control Kit, Handi-Arm 
 Carter Mfg Installs hydrostatic drives on a variety of machines including plot combine.Components may be purchased separately for customer installation.  
 Case Tractors, combines, implements 
Claas  Combine 



 CombineWorld and ForagerWorld

Europe's largest used combine & forage trader
 Convey-All Industries Belt conveyors, tender systems, drill fills, & combine headers 
 Crary Company Combine hopper extentions 
 Daugherty, Inc Combine accessories 
Estes Mfg Co Reduce roping on your Axial Flow combine with The Disrupter
 Harv's Farm Supply We are the manufacturers of the Bish Head Changers and the Bish Bin Extensions. We also specialize in Custom Built Cornheads and Rowcrop Heads.
 Hege Equipment The Hege line of agriculture research equipment is built specifically for the seed industry and is used by universities, seed companies, chemical companies, and private companies all over the world. Our machines are applicable from the green house to foundation seed and from planting to harvesting, and are designed to offer tremendous flexibility while increasing your productivity. We deal with a wide range of seed sizes including vegetable seed, alfalfa, canola, cereal grains, corn, edible beans and most every seed size in between
 John Deere Tractors, combines, implements 

 Kelley Mfg Co

Peanut combine
 Kincaid Equip Mfg Threshers, planters, and combines 
High wear parts of the conventional and rotary combines

New Holland

Combine, Design of the One Step Ahead will allow pulling and windrowing of row crop or solid seeded crops in one operation will virtually no loss

RH Machine

Your source for tillage tools and combine harvesting. 
Sunnybrook Welding & Machine Shop Ltd Builds Combine Replacement Parts, concaves, cylinders, rotors, rub bars, back beaters, wire spacing, gearbox plate, lazee lazer, mounting kit....  
 St. John Welding & Mfg., Inc Components for combines 
W. A. Johnson, Inc. The combine attachment that helps prevent grain from falling out...and rocks from rolling in 
 CertiPik, USA Replacment parts for your John Deere and Case IH cotton pickers, cotton strippers
 Crustbuster-SpeedKing  Boll Buggy, Modular Builder
 John Deere Cotton pickers & strippers 
 Jones Sales Company Specializing in supplying cotton farmer related products, from pickers to parts to service
 Kesher Magneti Kesher Magneti is proud to introduce the NEW GENERATION in Cotton Harvesting. The K-M “SHAKER” meets cotton harvesting needs of growers worldwide, offering a “low” cost, “high” quality harvesting system for every cotton crop.
 Lorenzo Mfg Co Inc Cross augers , row augers, elevator augers, basket augers for cotton stippers and cotton stripper replacement parts. Gin augers with Lumus style ends
Picker Parts, Inc Picker Parts begins by listening, carefully listening to what our valued customer needs for improved operational efficiency. Add over forty years of design and application expertise, meticulous attention to detail plus an extremely service-conscious attitude and the results are superior rubber products  
 R.M. King Cotton Picker Parts 
 Stover Equip Co., Inc Module truck bed, module truck 
 AgBit, Inc A high-technology company dedicated to improving the bottom line through the managerial leverage of information technology
 AgVision Computerized management software and hardware systems for agribusinesses, including grain elevators, cooperatives, fertilizer companies, and feed stores
 Agri-Soft Agricultural software for your farm or ranch. 
 CDMS Ag Chem Database sofware
 DIS Corp  Leading provider of software and hardware for North American agriculture 
 Famous Accounting Software Famous accounting software is designed specifically for the produce and agriculture industries.
 Farm Works New Software for Palm and Handheld PCs
  Farmer's Software Association In response to this growing interest in site-specific technology, Farmer's Software Association (FSA), located in Fort Collins, Colorado offers information and assistance to those implementing site-specific technology or any type of on-farm computer information system. The FSA charter calls for FSA to research, test, distribute, and support fine agricultural software and hardware for users within the farming community 
 FMS-Harvest Complete financial management software designed specifically for farmers 
 Red Hen Systems, Inc Developers of innovative precision agricultural software and groundbreaking GIS/GPS products since 1994.
Settler NB Potato Producers software, AIDA program application, FarmGate software, New Farm Software 
  SMARTsoftware Develops accounting & management software to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of grain, feed, flour, oilseed and commodity related business activities: plant ingredient procurement, commodity purchases, sales and storage, merchandising and trading, inventory and formula control, invoicing and sales analysis, accounts payable, accounts receivable and other applications.
Adams Fertilizer Equipment
Ground drive and PTO driven spreaders, liquid nitrogen applicators, custom designed conveyor systems and conveyors of all types, elevator legs, vertical and rotary blending systems, truck and trailer mounted tenders, turf management equipment
Ag-Chem Equipment Co., Inc   Specialized self-propelled vehicles for spraying or injection of organic residues , flotation applicators, appliction of dry or liquid, & post-emerge machines 
 Ag-Gressor Mfg Inc Liquid Applicator System, Dry Applicator System


Fertilizer Sprayers, electrically driven mills, P.T.O. driven mills, mill mixing units, vertical mixers, mobile dryers 
 Agriweld Inc  Wheel harrows, field rollers, flotation wheels, spray and fertilizer equipment 
 BEFCO, Inc Fertilizer spreader
Chandler Equipment Co  Provides precision farming technology and develops quality spreading machinery that improves fertilizer efficiently – even on the most highly variable soils.
Chemigation Systems International (CSI) Manufacturers of chemigation and fortigation equipment, industrial metering pumps, liquid handling systems, pH control and neutralizing systems
 Clampco Fertilizer Applicators Applicator for granular & pelletized materials
 Convey-All Industries Belt conveyors, tender systems, drill fills, & combine header
 Crustbuster-SpeedKing Blending systems, under/truck conveyors, bucket elevators
 Fuerst Agricultural tools designed with the small operator or part time farmer in mind. Products include harrows, mini-manure spreaders, post hole diggers, and seeders. 
 Gandy Company Drop spreader, gauge applicator, linear applicator
Golden Plains Ag Tech Fertilizer Application Equipment: Complete Machines and Kits for liquid, Nh3, and Chemicals 
 GVM Incorporated Self propelled precision application equipment
Herd Seeder Co., Inc Seeders, broadcast seeders, ATV accessories, ATV seeders, fertlizer spreaders 
 Highway EquipCo  Fertilizer and lime spreaders
Kennco Mfg  Grader, level board, ditch coverer, ditch plow, bedder, Toolbar, fertilizer distributor, planter

 LorAl Products, Inc

Fertilizer application equipment 
Lely  Broadcast spreaders 
 Lorenzo Mfg Co Inc Fertilizer shank adapters & fertilizer shanks 
N. E. Hagedorn & Sons, LTD Manufactures of Hydra-Spread fertilizer spreaders
 Newton Crouch Dry spreaders, liquid sprayers, or a combination of liquid and dry equipment
PEECON Feed mixers, truck mixers, mobile mixers, feeders, feed delivery boxes, vertical mixers, TMR mixer, TMR, Total Mixed Ration, multi-auger, round baler, mixfeeders, mixerfeeders, mixer feeders, stationary, feed wagons, slurry tanks, manure tanks, fertilizers, manure spreaders, agricultural machines, rotary tillers,
tipping wagons
Powell Mfg Co  Agricultural equipment. Including Tobacco Harvesters, Barns, Transplanters, Burley Harvesters, high clearance Sprayers for various crops, seed planters, subsoilers, bedders, Rokor Tree Diggers, Ro-Till conservation tillage, Fertilizer attachments, soil Aerators and other farm related implements 
 Progressive Farm Prod Liquid or dry fertilizer application 
 A.J. Sackett & Sons Fertilizer granulation, conveying blending & conditioning systems 
 Schaffert Mfg. Co., Inc Furrow V Closer, rebounder seed cover and Y-Not Split it direct fertilizer to both sides of the seed V reducing chance of seed burn
 Shield Agricultural Equipment V-Blades, Sweeps, Chisels & Spikes, Disc Blades, Drill Discs.,
Related Tillage & Planting Hardware, Fertilizer Knives, Shanks, Coulter Blades, Crop Savers
 Stoltzfus Mfg Spreaders for damp lime, bulky materials, dry, dusty materials and granular fertilizer. Pull-behind spreaders range from 2 ton to 15 ton sizes and truck-mounted sizes are also available. All units can be GPS ready.
Vittetoe, Inc Manure spreaders, chaff spreaders, drill conveyors, a grill guard for Magnum MX CIH tractors, and bulk seed bag handlers
 Westheffer Suspension Blenders, Pump Units for Acid Fertilizer, Weigh Tanks, Fertilizer and Chemical Application Equipment
 Yetter Farm Equip Fertilizer Placement, Seed Bed Preparation, Weed Management, Bulk Seed Handling
FARM EQUIPMENT: FORAGE- Return to category list

Artex Fabricators, LTD 

Barn Equipment, Bedder, Blowers, Boxes, Cattle Guards, Cattle Headgates, Compost & Bioremediation Turners, Conveyors, Cow Stalls, Stanchions & Pens, Dairy Confinement Systems, Dairy Stall Dividers, End Gates, Farm Machinery, Feed Conveying & Handling Equip, Feeder Wagons, Forage Wagon Floors & Sidewalls, Forage Wagons, Gate Latch - Self Closing, Gates, Grapple Forks, Livestock Equipment, Manure Spreaders, Stanchions, Trailers, Truck Mounted Manure Boxes, Wagon Boxes & Bodies, Wagons - Potato Box, Wagons - Self Unloading, Water Troughs
AG Industrial Inc Ag wrap bale wrapper grabber 
 Attach-Matic Quick hitch tool for forage harvesters, balers, and tractors
 Buhler Industries Roller mills, grain cleaners, portable augers, snow blowers, harrows, drawbars, mowers, & compact implements 
Burrows Enterprises Inc Roto Grind Tub Grinders 
 Claas Forage chopper 
 ewEze Mfg Super Slicer, flatbeds, bale loader, roto cutter 
 Gehl Boxes, harvestors, grinders, mixers 
Golden Plains Ag Tech Nh3 (Coldflo) injection into silage
Hi-Spec Engineering Ltd. Manufacturers of a wide range of Agricultural and Industrial machinery such as feed mixers, industrial, vacuum and trailor tanks, slurry pumps
Hiniker Air Drills, Flail Shredders, Stalk Shredders, Forage Harvestors, Windrowers, Sfprayers, Rear Blades, Row-Crop Cultivators, Field Cultivators
Italmix Manufacture of feeder, feed mixer, unifeed, chopper mixer and zootechnical equipment
 Krone Niemeyer Mixer 
 Kverneland ASA Drum Mowers, Disc Mowers
Trailed Mower Conditioners, Tedders, Rakes, Silage Wagons, Forage Harvesters, Bale Wrappers, Feeder Wagon, Manure Spreaders, Pasture Toppers, Bale Choppers, Grass 
 Meyer Spreaders, forage boxes, bunk feeders, bale boxes, farm wagons 
 Miller-St. Nazianz Forage and Dump Boxes, Blowers, Silo Unloaders, Rotary Rakes, TMR Mixers, Liquid Manure Tanks, Barn Cleaners, Trailer Sprayers, NITRO™ High Clearance Sprayers 
New Direction Equipment   Vertical Cutter/Mixer/ Feeder, Bed N' Spread
 Patz Sales, Inc Bale Choppers, Conveyors, Feeders, Manure-Handling Systems, Mixers, PatzGardâ and Silo Unloaders. 
PEECON Feed mixers, truck mixers, mobile mixers, feeders, feed delivery boxes, vertical mixers, TMR mixer, TMR, Total Mixed Ration, multi-auger, round baler, mixfeeders, mixerfeeders, mixer feeders, stationary, feed wagons, slurry tanks, manure tanks, fertilizers, manure spreaders, agricultural machines, rotary tillers,
tipping wagons 
 Versa Corporation silage bagging 
FARM EQUIPMENT: GUIDANCE SYSTEMS - Return to category list
 Andersen-Balk Co Tractor three point guidance system
 Ashtech Precision solutions for global positioning 
Automatic Ag Products Tractor three point guidance system 
 Buffalo Fleischer Mfg Inc - Cultivators, Bale Movers, Bale Feeders, Shredders/Windrowers, Scout Guidance Systems, Roller Mills, Scrapers, Mixer Wagons, Rolling Stalk Choppers 

Cultiva Marker 

Cultiva Marker is an agricultural guidance product that helps farmers apply seed, nutrients, and pesticides easily and efficiently. This product combines sophisticated GPS technology with virtual reality and data management software to provide real-time, accurate, and easy-to-use electronic guidance systems.
Micro-Trak Systems GPS and mapping
Omn iSTAR  Worldwide Differential Global Positioning System, DGPS
 Orthman Mfg Cultivators, grain carts, guidance systems, rippers, planter attachments, toolbars
Progressive Farm Products   Pulltype guidance system for cultivators 
 Red Horse Technologies  Yield monitoring systems, GPS systems
 Satloc Precision GPS  Providing precision differential GPS solutions
 Sukup Mfg Co Guidance system 
 Trimble Applying GPS to a wide variety of practical problems 
 WAG Corporation Satellite navigation 
FARM EQUIPMENT: GRAIN HANDLING - Return to category list
 All Size Perforating Grain Drying Grain Drying Aeration
 Almar Systems In Business since 1985 in Ontario, Canada - Suppliers and Installers of Grain Storage, Drying and Handling Systems throughout Ontario
 Batco Mfg Grain handling alternatives to conventional systems, focusing on gentle handling, high capacity and low maintenance
 Bazooka Grain handling equipment 
 Bessemer Steel Established in 1952 to serve the agricultural society is now a leader in design, manufacture and the erection of steel silos for storage
 Bourgault Industies Ltd Air carts, midrow bander, grain carts, field sprayers, & tillage equipment 
 Brandt Mfg Grain carts, land levelers, rollers, quick hitches and wheel spacers 
   Cimbria Bratney Co Specialize in equipment for the seed, grain, and milling industry.
Equipment that can be used by a large variety of producers from grass seed producers to corn producers 
E-Kay Enterprises Ltd Manufacturers of High Quality Grain Handling Equipment
 Flaman 3 Pt. Hitch Equipment , Aeration Fans , Bale Processors , Bale Wagons , Fertilizer Bins , Field Discs , Grain Bins , Grain Carts


Augers, grain carts, grain boxes, fram wagons, utiility transports, grain transports 
    Lowry Manufacturing Co.  Holding bins, in ground receiving stations, specialty bins, round hoppers, portable holding bins
 M-K Distributors, Inc. Imporve grain handling with a hopper cone 
Midwest Ag Systems Dedicated to custom grain bin, grain dryer and agriculture applications since 1986
   Richardton Mfg. Co  Dump Wagons, Grain Shuttles
 Sukup Manufacturer of drying fans for the agricultural market. Along with a full line of Axial and Centrifugal Fans and Heaters, Sukup also manufactures a complete line of grain handling and drying equipment, aeration accessories, field equipment and the Marliss line of Grain Drill 
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