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Guidance Clamps and Guidance Knife Shanks

 APPLICATION: Guidance system clamps are used by producers to achieve a higher degree of precision or accuracy when seeding or cultivating.


 1 x 3 to 4 x 4 GUIDANCE CONE CLAMP


 APPLICATION: Cone clamps work in conjunction with rigid coulters or various cone guides they provide the ability of mounting cone guide wheels or double guide cones to planters or cultivators.


DESCRIPTION: Cone clamps are extended and welded on a 45 degree shank end, the clamp is fabricated from 3/8" x 6" steel, 1" bolts, and two zinc plated 5/8" set screws.


 APPLICATION: Orthman Guidance System Adapting clamps are used to mount the hitch associated with the Orthaman Tracker guidance system. It allows producers to fit the Orthaman Tracker guidance system to bars which have diamond 4 x 4 top mast.


DESCRIPTION: The adapting plate is 5/8" x 10" x 14" bottom. Four 4 x 4 diamond clamp caps, 2 caps welded on plate and 2 caps mount on opposide side of bar, does not include bolts.




 APPLICATION: Poor man's guidance system. Mounts rearward on 1 x 3 shank allowing producers to run back swept fertilizer knives in bottom of furrow. Initially mounted on planter bar which creates a guiding groove. Sequental passes with cultivators follows the original groove created by the planter. Sway blocks are usually removed after the initial groove is created. Requires two.

DESCRIPTION: Constructed from 1 x 3 shank 12" long with 1/4 x 6" ears welded on top of shank. Bottom of shank drilled to accept fetrilizer shank.


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