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Double Flighted Cross Auger

We have been double flighting cross augers since 1997 with great results. We has successfully double flighted JD 484, 7445, 7450, 7455, IHC 1800, and AC broadcast headers. The John Deere Company has taken our concept and applied it to their 7460 stripper which has a double flighted cross auger standard from the factory.

John Deere 7445 Auger shown, available for John Deere 484,
7440, 7450, 7455 IHC 1400, 1800 and Allis Chamler

 Double flighting with four batts kicks cotton into airstream
every 1/4 turn instead of every 1/2 turn on a standard factory auger


We here at Lorenzo Mfg Co Inc are proud to announce that we now have "enhanced" separating cross auger kits for John Deere 484 and 7400 cotton strippers.

Factory cross augers have 12" pitch flighting with two bats. We have added an additional set of flighting between the original set of flighting thus providing a 6" pitch cross auger with four bats at the suction or vacuum point.

The purpose of the additional flight and bats is to provide a more uniform and even flow of cotton to the air shoot. The more evenly distributed flow of cotton allows green bolls to be separated rather than ride "wads" of cotton to the basket.

Field trials have demonstrated that similar separation occurs with our "enhanced" cross auger at higher stripping speeds as would occur with a factory cross auger at slower stripping speeds operating the enhanced cross auger green bolls as small in diameter as a quarter have been observed in the boll box.

Additional benefits of the "enhanced" auger kit are smoother operation and less vibration of the stripper and the removal of the hanger within the cross auger trough.

To date, these cross auger kits have been installed on both John Deere 484 and 7440 & 7445 strippers. Lint increased 1% on the cotton stripped with a 7455 with a burr extractor.


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