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  • Augers - We will perform any work needed to get your auger up and going: hard surfacing, straightening, or reflighting. We can also double flight your auger. Or we will custom manufacture the completed auger for both agricultural and industrial uses. We have manufactured augers for cotton strippers, combines, swathers, cotton gins, grain carts, peanut headers, post hole diggers, elevators, cement plants, a nuclear plant and more. We'll build your auger to fit your needs. Check our prices, you will find them very competitive.


  • Shanks- We will manufacture shanks in any lengths and to any hole pattern. If your hole pattern is unusual, we will need: hole sizes, measurement for centers of holes, location of holes in shank. We can offset shanks both the side and to the rear for your exact application.


  • Clamps - We will manufactures clamps to your exact specifications. Custom manufactured clamps are usually available in three to five days.


  • Extended Clamps - Standard extended clamps have 1" bolts. But we will manufacture them with1-1/8" bolt in any lengths.


  • Extended Offset Clamps - Standard extended offset clamps fit a 1 x 3 shank are extended 20" and mount to a 4 x 4 or 4 x 7 bar, but we will manufacture these to accept any size shank, in any lengths, and to mount on any size bar.


  • Footpieces - We do not stock 1-1/4" fabricated footpieces, but we will manufacture them for you. We will need to know the hole pattern: cast or fabricated.


  • Spring Loaded Bedrollers - Our standard spring loaded bedroller mounts on a 4 x 4 bar, but we can manufacturer them to mount on any size toolbar. Our planter bedrollers mount on the John Deere Maxamerge and IHC 900 planter, but we will work with you to manufacture a planter bedroller to mount on your planter bar.


  • Stalkcutters - Shanks can be welded to stalkcutter yokes at an angle to facilitate cross cutting of the furrow bed, thus increasing slicing action.


  • U-bolts - We stock a large assortment of U-bolts. If you don't see the size U-bolt you need listed, call us. We will manufacture almost any size u-bolt. We will need the bar dimensions, and information on how much clearance you will need past the bar. Available in hot roll or cold roll rod.


  • Toolbar Spacers - Our standard Toolbar spacers have 1" bolts, but we can manufacture them with 1-1/8" bolts and/ or to your exact specifications. We will need to know the dimensions of your bars, the profile of the bars, and the number of inches that you require between the bars.

All custom manufactured products are built to your exact specifications.

 These products are non-returnable.

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