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Swivel Fertilizer Coulter


Our Swivel Fertilizer Coulters are used to band various blends of liquid fertilizer in any type of cultural practice whether conventional, no-till or assorted combinations in between. The stream jet nozzle mounted behind the 24” coulter provides fertilizer distribution along the coulter’s “groove” or cut with the majority of a blend applied at the depth equal to the depth at which the coulter blades operates. Placement of the banded fertilizer near the area of seed germination allow producers to reduce application rates and hence, decrease production costs.

The rigid design, mounted on a 1 x 3 shank 18” long, has a 2-1/8” swivel shaft enclosed by a greasable 1/2” thick 3”O.D. collar. The swivel is held in place by a 1/2” bushing on top and a 3/8” roll pin and machine bushing on the bottom. Furthermore, the swivel has a 7/8” stop rod which prevents the coulter from “swiveling” all the way around to the front. The four hole 24” coulter blade is mounted on a 7-1/8” diameter 1/2” thick hub using 1/2 x 1-1/4” fine thread drive in stud bolts. The 1-1/4” hub shaft is mounted to the coulter frame with 1/2” bolts supporting lock type Dodge pillar block bearings. Nozzle attachments for a 9/16” nipple is mounted on 1/2” cold roll rod. Three adjustment to nozzle can be made: up/down, right/left, and forward/rear.


Clamp, Nozzle Nipple and Plumbing not included


Swivel Point  2-1/8" cold roll shaft inserts into 3" OD, 1/2" thick DOM steel bracket with 7/8" stop rod

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