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Single Row Bedrollers

 APPLICATION: Bedrollers or "Bed Packers" are used to firm up a seed bed; thus preventing the soil from drying out, in turn, providing more consistent tilth for seeding operations.

DESCRIPTION: All of our bedroller cages have an open end design which allows dirt to escape preventing the build up of clods and dirt within cage.



SPRING LOADED BUFFER BEDROLLERS: Same as the Spring Loaded Bedroller except that a bedbuffer is located ahead of the bedroller. Most often, the Buffer Bedroller is mounted directly behind a rodweeder bar


 RIGID SHANK BEDROLLERS: Designed with 8" bedroller cages which have the open end design. Rigid shank available in 1 x 3 and 3/4 x 2-1/2 shanks sizes.


PLANTER BEDROLLERS: Designed with 8" bedroller cages which have the open end design and 2" square tube shanks. To mount planter bedrollers you simply remove the barring off disc and mount bedroller in its place.



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