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Incorporator - Clodbuster


Incorporators/Clodbusters are used to "bust" clods or incorporate chemical behind listers, rippers, or any other tillage apparatuses, also the incorporator-clodbuster seals “cloddy” soil and prevents anhydrous Ammonia from escaping. Bowed angled teeth cracks clods and root masses without "balling up" and shapes works well under pivot systems or "rounds" bed tops allowing increased moisture infiltration. Has worked well in acreage coming out of the (CRP) Conservation Reserve Program.


 Incorporator / Clodbuster 4 x 4 Bar - side view
 DESCRIPTION: The low profile design on the incorporator/clodbuster allows the operator to run the toolbar close to the ground. Use of standard length cultivator shanks and the distinctive design of the spring tension clips on the spring rod allows extensive adjustment to the operating angle and downward force applied to the roller cage. Our standard unit mounts to a 4 x 4 bar , but we can custom manufacture the Incorporator/Clodbuster to mount to any size tool bar




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