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John Deere 7440 & 7445 Cotton Stripper Header Parts
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Double Flighted Cross Auger 
Most of these items can be shipped UPS call 806-634-5942

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Air Duct Finger

Row Auger Batt

Basket Auger Flighting

Row Auger Bearing (Bottom) Adapter

Brush Shaft

Row Auger Bearing (Top) Holder Repair Part

Brush Shaft Spider

Row Auger Flighting 

Brush/Batt Retaining Bar

Row Auger Hood Bracket

Cross Auger Batts

Row Auger Shaft

Cross Auger Flighting

Row Sensor Shoe


Row Auger Trough Grate

Mud Batt

Skid Plate

Plant Lifter Finger

Stripper Bar

Plant Lifter Finger Extension

Wear Plate

Weedeater Batt

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